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Milan Cyberphunk Stankovic express his love for music since he was a teenager in high school. In those days Underground Music World Scene, such as Detroit Techno and Chicago House, was already culminated and experienced global expansion.

Firstly, Milan was interested in, for that time some new music programs and computer production, and creating a new samples and sounds that do not reproduce natural musical instruments. Later he graduated on ‘Sound processing and applications of computers in music’.

In 2001. he created organization named Cyberphunk where he had initially support only by his closest friends how were interested in electronic music. In parallel, Milan and Emil H getting into the water of DJ-ing and that move first DJ performances, first in Nis and then in the other clubs in Yugoslavia. Same year Milan and Emil, together with DJ Mitja, had implemented several radio shows on radio Fast, related to DJ mix live. And they have become the outhor’s of the radio emission Elektra, dealing with the current local and global clubbing, and broadcast once a week live on radio Art. Elektra in the show, listeners were able to hear the outhore’s promotional production trio, as well as live DJ Set or Live ACT.In the meantime was followed by numerous performances at home and abord, as well as significant local festivals, some of which are Exit 06 performance at the festival, where Dj Stank and Dj Joy Flah had back-to-back DJ performance. Summer 2007 Emil H and DJ Stank spent on Corfu as residents discos Jupiter.

Milan Cyberphunk Stankovc now lives and works in Nis, city of Serbia, where he is an IT professional, but still find time for DJ performances and production samples and loops, as well as, preparing his debut album.

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